What is Upland-Jitsu?

What is it about upland hunting that gets us all hopped up and frothing from the mouth? The vintage shotguns passed down from previous generations? Training dogs and seeing the work pay off?  The birds flushing?

Some take up upland hunting as a hobby. Or just a form of hunting that fills in field time between deer season and duck season, etc. Something that they do a couple of days out of the month in October. Casual upland hunters. Nothing wrong with that! God bless those guys! But a select few of us take it a bit further than just a hobby. People like us have a hard time sometimes describing to others why we have this passion. Our loved ones have long given up understanding. It’s not just a hobby for us.

The Japanese word “Jutsu” or “Jitsu” can roughly be translated to “the technique of” or “the art of“. The Japanese people and culture have a long history and dedication to the arts. Whether that art be floral arrangements, tea ceremonies, or the fighting arts, the Japanese have always dedicated themselves to whichever art they pursued. In general, Japanese arts all share similar goals and attributes that the student would pursue. Serenity. Body & Mind Harmony. Awareness. And a sense of connection to others and nature. Have you ever seen the meticulous attention to detail in a tea ceremony or the preparation and training involved in martial arts? Complete dedication, respect for the art. The pursuit bettering oneself in the art is never-ending. I can relate.

If you are reading this blog, you probably get it too. Upland hunting is an art form. A way of life. Bettering ourselves in a world that has forgotten that art goes beyond paintbrush or music. Some of us, like the Samurai of Japan, have dedicated a part of our lives in preparation. No. Not for battle, but for the pursuit of the various species of flying-feathered rockets in our neck of the woods. Like a Shogun Warlord, we strategize and scout the territory in search of good habitat months in advance of the season. Throughout the year we hone our skill, not with the katana, but with shotguns and clay targets. Our boots get oiled and our vests get waxed, much like how the Japanese warrior paid meticulous attention to his own armor.

This is Uplandjitsu.

This blog will follow my own journey in the Art of Upland Hunting. I will cover my own personal experiences, thoughts and ideas. I will also take time to review some gear for upland hunters. And if interested, I will provide tips for hunting. I hope you all enjoy these endeavors with me. I would love to hear your comments or questions about this blog or about upland hunting!

May you all have a blessed and prosperous New Year! God bless!